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My son, the musician

on April 10, 2010

This morning one of my dear friends, Sarah, came over to visit.   (Which was fabulous, by the way!)   James and I were watching for her, and when she started to walk up the front steps we were waiting at the front door to greet her.  So far, the story sounds normal, right?  It was, mostly normal, unless you noticed that James was wearing one white glove.  Just one, not two, he had insisted on wearing it all morning.  I called it his Michael Jackson glove.  I’m trying to teach him to stand on his tiptoes and say “Hee, Hee.”  We’ll see how that goes.  In the meantime I’m on the lookout for any red, sequined jackets.  Let me know if you see one…

Mandy <><


One response to “My son, the musician

  1. sarahdellie says:

    I love that glove. And I love that kid. And I loved spending the morning with you. 🙂

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