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Healthy Eating

on April 15, 2010

I have been a part of (read: stuck in, with no escape) several “healthy eating” conversations in the last couple of weeks.  I’ve heard a lot about the evils of high fructose corn syrup (even though those commercials say it’s made from corn and is fine in moderation), the dangers of preservatives, and the fact that artificial sweeteners are killing us slowly.  I’ve heard about shopping the outside perimeter of the grocery store, instead of buying things that you make from a box (I guess my Homestyle Bakes are out), and the danger in buying things that are not grown organically.  I’ve even heard of people eating fruit that is not covered in whipped cream – can you imagine?  I think I have a negative reaction to discussions like this because I eat a lot of food that is found in the 5th food group – also known as sugar & carbs.  I am Italian – and I love pasta, and bread, and ice cream (although I’m not sure that ice cream is a strictly Italian thing.)

But, since I’ve found myself trapped in these conversations lately, I started to wonder if maybe it’s something I should pay attention to.  So, I’ve considered pulling out our soft serve machine and making all our ice cream-like products from scratch.  But, I wasn’t sure if that would really be enough, so in the store today I bought whole wheat pasta.  Now, I don’t really know if that makes a lot of difference, but I’ve heard that whole wheat pasta is better than non-whole wheat pasta, so I decided to give it a whirl.  And I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I couldn’t really taste a difference!!  Maybe this healthy eating thing could work out for me after all!!  I’m kind of excited about that prospect!  And I don’t think that the lack of taste difference could have possibly had anything to do with the fact that the pasta was smothered in a sauce made from whole milk and two cheeses (one of which was cream cheese).  That didn’t cancel out the healthiness, did it?  Oh well, I think I’ll go with ignorance is bliss on this one, and say “cheers” to a healthy dinner 😉


One response to “Healthy Eating

  1. allen says:

    i like your thinkin’!

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