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The ice cream man

on May 7, 2010

I LOVE ice cream!!  My current favorite is Super Chunky Cookie Dough Ice Cream.  It is delicious!!  And while it is tasty when eaten out of a bowl while sitting in my living room, there’s something about ice cream from someplace else that makes it even better.  I love Blizzards and 31 Belows (I think those are technically soft serve, but they’re still delicious), and I love ice cream from the ice cream man.  Never mind you pay as much for one treat from the ice cream man as a whole box at the grocery store, it’s good ice cream.  And I think, at least for me, the experience is half the fun.  Hearing the ice cream truck music, running to your window to see where he is, dashing out the door barefoot, trying to catch him before he rounds the corner.  I just love it.  Apparently that love can be passed on as a genetic trait.  I learned this a few days ago when I heard the ice cream truck music and ran from window to window trying to find the truck.  James ran with me, with wild anticipation, even though he has never eaten ice cream from the ice cream man before.  He was staring out the window, watching for the truck, long after the music had faded away.  Repeating, in his 1-year-old English, “Ice Cream Man?  Ice Cream Man?”  He asks about him every day – it’s ridiculously adorable.  We missed him that day, but I can’t wait until he comes back to our neighborhood and we can run outside, buy an ice cream treat and eat it on the front steps, sticky with the melting ice cream, knowing that all is right with the world.


2 responses to “The ice cream man

  1. sophia says:

    James has some BIG muscles! haha I miss you all! I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Sandy says:

    That is too cute!!!

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