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Mandy’s Soapbox

on July 8, 2010

Hey everyone!  I know, I know, you really want a post with pictures – I promise I’ll get to that soon.  For now, I want to share with you the events of my evening.  Picture it, if you will… Steph and I decided to have dinner out together tonight, with all four kids, since our husbands are at the Rockies game.  We thought Village Inn would be a tasty choice.  We unloaded the children in the parking lot, tried to convince them to hold hands, and made it into the restaurant.  We kept them corralled as much as we could while we waited for our table.  Unfortuneately, they did not have four high chairs, so they put us in a booth, with three booster seats that the kids kept falling out of, and a highchair for Katie.  It was around six, so Katie was getting to her more “vocal” hour.  We tried to get her fed as soon as possible.  While her face was covered in baby food and we were trying to decide what to order, Evan and James started opening the little jelly packets and James gave himself a jelly facial.  Someone disassembled the pie flip chart.  The kids started talking in gibberish at a rather high volume.  Our food came after an excrutiating 20 minute wait, the people who came in after us had their food in less than 10.  The kids ate with gusto, sharing off each others plates, and dumping food on the floor.  The check couldn’t come fast enough.  When it did and we headed out the door, I knocked over my glass of water with the diaper bag.  While it was comical, it was an experience we don’t plan on repeating anytime soon.  Being outnumbered 2:1 is not ideal in that situation.  We blame it on the lack of highchairs.

We know that we are a bit of a spectacle, two women with four kids under the age of four.  Most people think it’s a little crazy when we parade around with them, usually in two double strollers.  But tonight is the first time I have actually felt ashamed to have been in public with them all.  And not because of their behavior, although it was a smidge crazy at times, but because of the way we were treated.  We got dirty looks from several people the whole time we were there.  The people sitting across from us asked to be moved.  The people sitting next to us made snide remarks.  The waitress encouraged us to take our pie to go.  Maybe I was being overly sensitive, but it made me want to jump on my soapbox and scream, “Moms are people too!!  Just because we have little ones doesn’t mean we should have to stay shut up in our houses and not get to do anything fun!  Sure my kids are a little loud and messy, but it’s Village Inn for heaven’s sake, the napkins are paper and there aren’t even tablecloths, give me a break!!  I am doing the most important job in the world and if I want my kids to have some fun in the process you can just deal with it!!”  I would have done it too, jumped up on my soapbox, but I think James had run off with it, and I’m afraid he also had a packet of jelly…


2 responses to “Mandy’s Soapbox

  1. Steph says:

    Ahh yes. Life can be crazy with these kiddos. I think next time we should just make it our goal to get as many dirty looks as possible. 🙂

  2. allen says:

    Oh my goodness, while that is hilarious to think of that situation from a distance, I’m sure it was a little unnerving in real life. I can’t believe ANYONE would make a snide remark or rude glare at my precious grandbabies and their beautiful mother. Keep up the GREAT work you are a GREAT mom regardless of those glares and remarks. These will ALWAYS be precious memories!

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