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Family Feud

on July 12, 2010

James has always liked game shows.  When he was younger, he really enjoyed watching Wheel of Fortune, and just recently he has become a fan of Family Feud.  I have to admit, I introduced him to the show, but he likes it just the same.  In fact, he has been sick the past couple of days, and Family Feud is what he’s insisted on watching.  He’s been just laying there on the couch, his head on two fluffy pillows, covered in his favorite blanket, he didn’t have the strength to sit up, but he could clap his little hands and say “Good answer!”  I taught him that, and I’m pretty proud of myself.  I also had to teach him “Good try” when they got the answer wrong, otherwise his little lip would quiver and he looked like he would cry when the bright red “strike” emblem flashed across the screen.  He’s been feeling better, but he still requests his Family Feud.  Gotta love that kid!

(Picture coming soon – it’s not letting me upload them for some reason…)


2 responses to “Family Feud

  1. allen says:

    ahhhhhh……. get to feelin’ better buddy! papa

  2. allen says:

    I wish I could hold you and rock you till you feel better. Praying he’s back to himself soon. In the meantime, keep rooting for the best family to win. Grandma Sandy loves you James!!!!

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