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James’ Birthday Party!!

on August 19, 2010

Super Why’s Super Dooper Computer!!

Now with all the Super Letters filled in

Now with Caden 🙂

Playing with the car – Evan actually kind of got the hang of driving it.

Obviously the littler boys needed some manual power 🙂

Steering the slide… Probably trying to avoid hitting the car 🙂

James dressed up as Super Why!

Showing off his super hero muscles

Caden dressed up as Super Why!

Evan dressed up as Super Why!

How sweet!

Evan helping with the present opening

I just thought it was cute that he kept wearing the cape 🙂

Katie was there – but she was apparently pretty tired 🙂

The cake!! My favorite part of any party 😉

James and the cake – and his bubble hippo

James’ 2nd birthday party was a lot of fun!  We went with a Super Why theme and even dressed all the little guys up!!   Overall it was a fun birthday celebration!


2 responses to “James’ Birthday Party!!

  1. It was a fun party….3 months ago! 🙂 Ha ha. Just giving you a hard time. I didn’t even post pictures of Caden’s. Oops.

  2. Lorrie Russell says:

    Hi Brandon and Mandy:
    Just wanted to say how fun your site is…I love the hole in James door…I’m sure there is a great story behind it…
    Loved spending some time with you, James and Katie a couple of weeks ago. Still praying for Steph…
    Love You guys!
    Your such a blessing…and a happy family too!
    Tell your parents hello from me!

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