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What was I saying?

on June 5, 2011

I realized today that it’s been about a year since I’ve actually been able to finish a thought, let alone a sentence.  I’m thinking it’s been about a year because that’s when James started talking.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that James is a talker.  He says the funniest things (he’s nicknamed his brother “Shawn-anigan”) and some embarrassing but true things (Me: Brandon, can you throw me a pen?  James: But you’re not a very good catch, Mommy), and some very sweet things (I love you very, very much!).  But it’s all the random talking, usually at full volume, or the whining, or the repeated questions, that drive me a little bit crazy.  Primarily because he usually feels a need to discuss his thoughts on things like hot dogs while I’m in the middle of a conversation with a friend.  And if he’s not actively interrupting, he’s passively interrupting – read: making it necessary for me to intervene.  Katie’s getting in on that action too these days.  For example, I am on the phone with someone (this usually happens with people who don’t have kids, or are businesspeople) and my conversation goes like this: “Hi!  I was just calling to, James, put that down, see if you wanted to maybe, Katie, don’t touch the tv!, meet me for lunch on, Katie, get off the table, James, I don’t know where your cup is, where did you last have it?  I will read to you in a little while, can’t you see Mommy’s on the phone?!  I’m sorry, what was I saying?”  You’d think I would do ok when the kids were in bed, but apparently it’s taken a toll on my brain and the effects last for hours.  I can’t believe I’m even writing this now.  You should be very impress… Katie!  Put down that remote!


One response to “What was I saying?

  1. Sarah says:

    You are hilarious!! 🙂 And I am very impressed.

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