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The ice cream man

on June 19, 2011

As you may remember from previous posts, I am a huge fan of the ice cream man.  Running down the street after his truck, deciding what delicious treat to buy, eating it in the summer sun – what’s not appealing about that?!  Last week we were eating lunch and I remembered something I had left in the van, so I ran out to get it.  That’s when I heard it – the ice cream truck music!!  I looked down the street and I saw the truck coming slowly down the street.  Shawn was safe in his bouncy seat, Katie was strapped in her highchair, I could definitely run after the truck and everyone would be safe, except…James!  He was just hanging out in his chair at the table, I probably shouldn’t leave him unsupervised, so I ran in to get him.

I said to my oldest son, “James, the ice cream man is here, come on!”  I thought that would be enough information to get him out of his seat and running for the door.  But no, he wanted to discuss the situation.  Realizing there was no time to answer the many questions of a three-year-old, I said “Come on!” again, scooped him up, bib and all, and ran out the door.  By then the truck was driving by our house with no signs of stopping.  I yelled, “Wait!” but he didn’t.  So I put James down and said, “We’ll have to run!”  Luckily there were some kids down the street who had flagged him down so we just had to get there before they were done.  I grabbed James’ hand and we started running.  I looked down at his feet and realized he was only wearing socks, and to be perfectly honest he appeared to be a little scared, perhaps because he had no idea what was going on.  “He’ll be excited once we get our ice cream.” I rationalized.

Finally we made it to the truck.  (By truck, I mean conversion van)  The kids in front of us were finishing their order, so we looked at the menu and that’s when it happened, the disillusionment.  I had always known that ice cream truck prices were inflated, but I hadn’t realized they were so high I could buy a whole box of ice cream treats at the store for the price of one at the truck!!  Plus, the ice cream man was a little creepy with a short temper.  This was not the ice cream truck of my memories!!  But since I had dragged by son, in his sock feet, with his bib on, to the truck I knew I had to buy something.  We settled on an ice cream sandwich for $3.00.  Then we sauntered back home to share it with Katie.

It was good – and we made some new memories.  But I may not be as quick to drop everything and chase the truck the next time it rolls through the neighborhood 🙂


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