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Fourth of July

on July 29, 2011

I know this is a bit delayed, but I wanted to share our Fourth of July escapades 🙂

We started the day off with a bang with a pancake breakfast and parade at a friend’s house.  The pancakes were delicious and the parade was ridiculously cute and awesome.  There were several children on bikes with red, white and blue streamers, some with kid size Barbie and Hot Wheel cars with flags taped to them, several people, like us, with patriotic strollers, and then a pair of grandparents on motorcycles – as I said ridiculously cute and awesome!

However, as we were leaving, I had a “Mandy Mishap Moment.”  For those of you who don’t know what this means, and none of you will since I just coined the phrase, it is a moment where something embarrassing happens due to the fact that I have a horrible sense of balance and/or direction.  Previous moments include: falling off a deck, falling off a stage, ending up in Kansas unexpectedly, the list goes on and on…

The “Mandy Mishap Moment” of Fourth of July 2011 was this – I was walking down the road to the car, and totally fell.  Not the kind of fall where you look a little silly, but you catch yourself so it’s not that bad.  This was the kind of fall where you trip, flail your arms out to regain your balance, fail, land on your knee, think that’ll save you, then proceed to fall flat on your face skidding along the pavement, giving your elbow serious road rash, as if you were a toddler learning to walk.  Luckily there were not too many people around, but the people that were there made sure I was ok and blamed a rock in the road for my fall.  I accepted their offer of a logical reason that I fell, but knew in my heart of hearts that sometimes walking just gets the better of me.

The rest of the day went a bit smoother 🙂  We went to Steph and Casey’s for dinner and a fireworks display.  I must say this was one of the most fun fireworks displays we’ve watched since we’ve had children.  Primarily because it was the first one – usually the kids are in bed by the time fireworks begin, so we don’t get to catch a show.  Last year we were driving from Liberal, MO to KC, MO on Fourth of July so we saw some displays from the car, but it wasn’t the same.  The two things that made this year so fun were:

1. You can see almost every fireworks display in town from Steph and Casey’s house.

2. Every time the kids saw any kind of firework, big or small, they would yell out: “Fireworks!” at the top of their lungs.

We made sure to listen to patriotic music while we watched the displays, to remind us of the real reason we celebrate.

It was a lot of fun!  James asked for at least three nights after if we could watch more fireworks.  Luckily, people in our neighborhood were happy to oblige and continued to celebrate the next few nights.  The “Mandy Mishap Moment” not withstanding, it was a really great day!


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