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Feeding Shawn

on December 3, 2011

The last time we took Shawn to the doctor we found out he had lost a pound.  That doesn’t sound like much when you weigh… you thought I was going to tell you how much I weigh didn’t you?  Not likely 🙂  Anyway, when you’re an adult it’s not that much, but when you used to weigh 17 pounds and now you only weigh 16 it’s kind of a big deal.  Our doctor suggested that we start supplementing him with formula and being really persistent about feeding him baby food.

He hadn’t been really big on eating baby food, so we weren’t pushing it that much, so we decided to be better about that, and we bought some formula with super low hopes.  Shawn historically hasn’t been great at taking a bottle.  One night we came home from a date and my Mom had miraculously fed him a bottle!  The secret?  She had to stand in the kitchen, with one leg up on a chair, rock him and get him distracted by the fan in order to get him fed.

There must be something about our doctor though – she said he needed to eat and drink a bottle, so he did!  He drank formula with no problems!  He decided to start eating baby food like there was no tomorrow!  It was ridiculous!  (Our doctor also told James that she thought it might be time for him to be potty trained, that was the last day he wore diapers.)

Great news, right?  Yeah, it seems to be, but for some reason I’m having a hard time with it.  I guess I wasn’t ready (emotionally or financially) to stop nursing.  I still am a couple times a day, but for some reason it makes me feel like I’m letting Shawn down a little.  I nursed the other two for longer, so I felt like I should nurse him for the same amount of time.  I know it’s silly, ridiculous actually, but it’s how I feel.  And I decided that if I’m going to try to write more, I might as well throw in my real feelings every now and then, right?!

I’m glad he likes to eat baby food now – it’s leading me into another new challenge – making baby food!  But that’s another blog entry 🙂


One response to “Feeding Shawn

  1. nana sandy says:

    You go Mandy! You are a GREAT mom! Glad Shawn is willing to try new things and grow up to be an awesome servant of God. Love you all! Nana and Papa

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