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on December 11, 2011

I know I’m really behind, but I knew you’d love to see the Halloween pictures!  We did another year of dressing my kids and Steph’s kids as one theme of costumes and this year was Wizard of Oz.  Katie, of course, was Dorothy, Evan was the Lion, Caden was the Tin Man, James was the Scarecrow and Shawn was Toto – but for his own safety Katie didn’t carry him in her basket 🙂

We went to the Fall Festival at our church and they were a big hit!  Then we did Trunk or Treat at the church in our neighborhood which was fun too.  James walked up to one of the trunks and the lady said, “What do you say?”  Instead of “Trick or Treat” my son said “Please” – she was overcome with his politeness and gave him candy anyway.  We walked home from the church and trick or treated at a couple of houses along the way.  We had left a bowl of candy on our front porch since we knew we’d be gone, and I’m sure the candy only lasted for the first couple of trick or treaters.  But, our porch light was still on, and as we crossed the street and headed home, a mob of kids went running up the front steps, only to find the candy bowl empty.  Thinking we would just wait until they left to go home and then run in and turn off the light, we waited patiently across the street, until James started yelling, “We’re right here guys!!  Don’t worry, we’re over here!!  We’re coming!!  We’re right here!!”  Our cover blown I told Brandon I had saved some of the candy for just such a situation, so he scurried in through the garage to get the extra candy.  Meanwhile, James was up on the porch saying, “Don’t worry, Daddy’s getting candy.”  After those kids were all sugared up, we snuck in and turned out the light.  It was a good Halloween!

Dorothy after hair and make-up

Here are a series of photos where we attempted to get all of the children to look at the camera at the same time!

Here things start to fall apart a little

Notice Evan holding Shawn’s ears up!

I just thought this one was cute 🙂

Playing games at church


One response to “Halloween

  1. nana sandy says:

    They are all REALLY cute! I just love those babies. You and Steph did a really good job coming up a GREAT memory!

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