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Smith Family Pics

on January 2, 2012

As usual, these are a bit late, but over Labor Day weekend this year we went to Kansas City for a visit.  While we were there we decided to get some Smith Family Pictures taken – what with two new family members, Kevin and Shawn, our old family pictures were a little out of date!  The photo session itself was a little on the crazy side, trying to get those Smith kids to sit still.  There was also a huge fit thrown when we changed the kid’s clothes, and a leaky diaper involved… Get ready for some humorous shots, revealing my children’s true colors.

The whole family – Rachel, Kevin, Katie, Brandon, Mandy, Shawn, Sandy, James & Allen

Nana Sandy and Papa Allen with the grandkids

Allen and Sandy

The Original Smith’s

The Newlyweds 🙂

Our Family!

What most of the pictures looked like, trying to get the previous one!

There are no words…

And now for the cute ones!!

I’ll leave you with a few more silly ones

And, we’re done!


One response to “Smith Family Pics

  1. Papa allen says:

    What a great time!

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