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on February 10, 2012

So, I would never say that I have the gift of hospitality.  In fact, it used to really stress me out to have people over to my house.  Because, I have to confess, I’m not a huge fan of cleaning.  Shocking, I know.  But my whole family are kind of professional grade cleaners.  I mean, they have certain days where they clean on a regular basis, people, they’re not on the “well, that’s starting to look really gross, I guess I should do something about it” cleaning plan that I’m on.  So, I was pretty sure that my standards were a little too low to actually have people over.  That is, until, I was “forced” (asked nicely with no possibility of saying no) to host a small group in my teeny tiny living room in Pittsburg, Kansas.  The people at church actually thought that my house would work for others to come over to fellowship and eat and pray together.  Were they sure?  Were they crazy?  I was pretty worried, in fact, we knocked down a wall to make sure everyone would fit!  (Just kidding, we did that way before they asked us to host the small group – but if we hadn’t, I’m not sure they would have asked.)  Surprisingly enough, it worked out okay.  People seemed to enjoy themselves, even if there was visible clutter.  It was a small victory.

Then we moved to Colorado.  And for whatever reason, it’s Colorado, we have some pretty cute kids, we started having visitors come to stay.  Overnight.  In my house.  And I was worried.  Maybe said visitors wouldn’t be ok with sleeping in an unfinished basement, or on an air mattress, or a futon.  Maybe they wouldn’t take kindly to being awakened by a baby screaming in the middle of the night.  Or a toddler climbing into bed with them at seven o’clock in the morning.  But you know what, they keep coming back, so it must not be too bad here.

What I’m learning is that hospitality isn’t just having a clean house, although that is a nice thing to have, it’s making people feel comfortable when they’re around you.  Making them feel like they’re at home.  We recently had one of our favorite friends, Sandy, come visit with her new boyfriend.  She’s been here before.  She’s slept on a futon, and been woken up by our three year old who just wants to snuggle and watch Curious George very early in the morning.  She knew us before we were “Brandon and Mandy”.  So, as you might imagine, we consider her family.  And as the four of us sat at the kitchen table the first night they were here, she was asking Ike, her boyfriend, what board game he wanted to play.  He was being nice and saying we could play whatever.  She said, “No, you pick, you’re the guest.”  I consider that the highest compliment – to know that she feels at home here.

So if you come to my house, I can almost guarantee you will step on a toy, there will probably be memories from last night’s dinner sticking to my table, and there’s a good possibility that my son has forgotten to flush the toilet; but you are welcome here.  And while you may walk through my doors a friend, I hope you leave as family.


2 responses to “Hospitality

  1. Papa allen says:

    What a wonderful post! You have made me smile this morning! Love coming to your home!

  2. nana sandy says:

    I count it a TRUE blessing to be part of your awesome family!!

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