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Thank you very much Dave Ramsey…

on February 15, 2012

About a month ago we started Financial Peace University.  We decided it was time to get our spending under control, start saving, and figure out how to make a budget when Brandon gets paid on commission.  Brandon was basically beside himself with anticipation; I was cautiously, rather, reluctantly, optimistic.  I was telling a dear friend of mine, Sarah, that we would be starting the class soon.  She said that it was good, but, and I quote almost exactly, “It’ll smack you around a little.”  Boy, was that an understatement!

So, we did our budget, and came to the conclusion that we are extremely grateful for Brandon’s job and he does make good money, he doesn’t make good money consistently, so we would have to live like his lowest paychecks were our regular paychecks and budget based on that.  For those of you who are family members, and let’s face it – you’re about the only people who read my blog – I don’t want to you worry, we definitely won’t go hungry, or have to sell the kids to pay the mortgage 🙂

However, my husband, who is typically the spender, and myself, who is typically the saver, have temporarily switched roles.  He even wants to go to a cash only system for most of our purchases.  And he’s excited about it!  I’m feeling a little bit boxed in.  I mean, I believe it’s a good idea, in theory, I just don’t like doing it in practice.   I’m gonna do it, it’s just gonna take me a while to like it.

Like the other day, when I was looking at the amount of cash we have left until his next paycheck, and the complete absence of toilet paper in my house.  We prefer to use the good stuff when it comes to toilet paper.  I mean, I buy it in bulk at Sam’s, so it’s cheaper, but it’s not cheap toilet paper.  When I realized that we wouldn’t have the money to replenish our good stash of t.p., I was kind of devastated.  I think I actually pouted for a few minutes.  I might have even shed a little tear in frustration.  And then, as I ranted to myself, I actually started listening to myself.  Was I really getting this bent out of shape over toilet paper?!  I mean, really?!  So what if we have to buy bargain brand this one time to make the budget work?  It’s no big deal, and I need to get over myself.  Really, I need to get on board with the budget.  Then it’ll seem more fun, like a money saving game – like SuperMarket Sweep.  Yeah – I think I can handle that.  Double coupon days – here I come!!


2 responses to “Thank you very much Dave Ramsey…

  1. Sarah says:

    First off, thanks for the quote! 🙂

    Secondly, you are doing awesome, don’t give up!! It is hard work but so worth it. And it really does bring you peace. I am doing some research for work and I just read that Jesus spoke about money and possessions more than heaven and hell combined. He knew it would be a big deal for us. Good for you for getting organized and finding freedom!

    And I am always up for a bargain lunch date anytime!

  2. nana sandy says:

    We are proud of your desire to live within your means. This is certainly not the easy road, but will be the most rewarding. Keep up the good work and let us know if we need to send some mac and cheese to our grandbabies 😉 Nana Sandy

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