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All I need to know about life I learned from my kids

on March 3, 2012

We went to the zoo with my sister, her kids, and my mom the other week.  After looking at all the animals, and eating our lunch with hungry squirrels watching us menacingly, we decided to ride the Carousel.  Or, as James calls it, the Caris-go-round.  We got everyone situated on an enormous animal just as the music started to play.  The Carousel started to move and James’s animal began to “leap” up and down.  He was very excited!  He kept saying “I don’t know what’s happening!  I don’t know what’s happening!” and then he would throw his head back and laugh excitedly.  As if, the not knowing made the adventure even more fun.  I thought about that for a while and I realized that I wish I could be more like that. I wish that when I didn’t know what was going on, or what the future held, I could say, “I don’t know what’s happening!” and be excited to see what God was going to do, not scared of the unknown.  James trusted that I wouldn’t take him somewhere bad, or dangerous, so even though he didn’t know that his animal would move, he trusted me and knew I would only put him on there if I thought it was safe and if I knew he’d have fun.  Why don’t I trust God like that?!  I want to.  You sure can learn a lot about life from your kids, can’t you?!


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