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Who needs power?

on February 7, 2013

It was a dark and stormy night…  Ok, it wasn’t actually stormy, and technically it was early morning, but it was definitely dark.  It was around 4:30 am, I can’t be sure of the time because the power had gone out, and we were rudely awakened by the smoke alarm.  No, not just one smoke alarm, every single smoke alarm in the house.  Surprisingly, never once did I wonder if it was actually a fire, maybe I need to do some drills sometime.  My first thought, rather, was carbon monoxide, no, actually my first thought was turn that off, you’ll wake the babies, then carbon monoxide.  Brandon observed that the power was also out, and thought it was related to that.  Either way my first instinct was to flee.  Instead I held Brandon’s drill that had a light on it so he could see to try to turn off the smoke alarms.  We really need to keep better track of our flashlights.  As we were doing that and failing, the children finally woke up in pure panic mode.  James was crying hysterically, he’s afraid of the dark, and Katie was curled up in bed with her hands over her ears, she hates loud noises, and did I mention EVERY alarm was going off?  And Shawn was just chillin’ in his crib, keeping it real.  The babies weren’t even crying, I had to check to make sure they were alive and since they were so sleepy it confirmed my hunch that it was carbon monoxide.  At this point Brandon had called the fire department and they assured him it wasn’t, but I still grabbed the children and headed outside.  Except for Shawn, since he was comfortable inside and will apparently grow up to be a Rock Star or do something equally loud.  Really we were escaping the horrible loudness and were hoping it would be a little brighter outside.  Since the whole block, including streetlights, had lost power, it wasn’t much brighter but the stars were beautiful and at least it was a bit quieter.  And we had found a flashlight, which I used to light the way for James to pee in the yard since he had to go and there was no way he was going back inside.  Shortly after we moved to the front porch to wait for the fire truck.  They came with a beautiful floodlight and told us we were fine to go back inside.  Katie and I opted to stay outside until it was quiet.  Soon they found the dead battery that had somehow set everything off and we had silence again.  Beautiful silence.    That is when Shawn started to cry.  We gave hugs and kisses and tucked everyone back into bed.  Most people get to sleep through their cancelled alarms when the power goes out, we get a visit from the fire department.  We are grateful for their fast response, and the adventure that is our life 🙂


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