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My First Day “Back”

on January 20, 2014

I realize I’ve been gone for a while.  There are various reasons, like I have five kids, or I broke my femur.  But you know, mainly it’s just been that I haven’t made the time.  So I’m going to try to make it a priority, we’ll see what happens…

Since I broke my leg in November, which is a whole other story I’ll have to share later, I haven’t been home alone with all of my kids for an entire day.  Until today.  Before the day actually dawned I had hoped we could have a nice relaxing day of watching movies and snuggling.  Stop laughing, after all these years I don’t know why I keep thinking these things.  Anyway, we did snuggle for a bit this morning.  Then Brandon had to leave for work and all matter of craziness ensued.  While I was finishing up feeding everyone breakfast, Katie and Shawn went upstairs to “play” – they were being too quiet so I send James to investigate.  He reported that they were spraying each other with hair detangler.  When I hobbled up the stairs they were both wet and completely NAKED.  I insisted that they get dressed – at least from the waist down.  After that task was achieved I decided I’d play on the iPad with James.  There were suspicious noises downstairs, where Katie and Shawn had gone, so I sent James to investigate again.  He reported that they were pouring their own Cheerios.  I figured that would be a mess but not too bad, so we played a little longer.  The pouring noises continued though, so I went down to stop their fun.  I walked downstairs to find this:

photo-4 (2)They had dumped two boxes of Kix, one box of Cheerios and two boxes of Life, and the contents of their toy box.  They weren’t all full mind you, but a huge mess either way.  Once we salvaged what we could, I got the vacuum cleaner out to get the rest.  It decided to only work with the attachment, the regular vacuum function was broken.  I have the piece that broke off to prove it.

Once that ridiculous mess was cleaned up I thought I had time to clean the bathrooms really quickly before lunch.  The babies were playing nicely, the big kids were watching a movie.  No big deal, right?  I kept checking in with James to make sure no one had fallen asleep, we were behind schedule, but not too bad.  The last check in, it was discovered that Shawn and the babies were missing from the gated baby play area.  Shawn had let them all out back to play.  How considerate.  I was actually impressed that no one had fallen down the deck stairs (there are only two, but still) and Maggie had made it across the yard to play at the back gate.

James brought them all back in and I started to change Sarah’s poopy diaper.  Which takes longer than usual because she has massive diaper rash and I can’t use regular wipes, I have to use wet paper towels and be very careful because she’s so sensitive.  In the middle of this diaper change James reports that’s Maggie’s climbing up the big stairs.  I told him to pursue the baby who’s not allowed to do that alone and close the gate when they reached the top.  After some negotiating he did it.  Then he yells down that she has something in her mouth she’s not supposed to have but she won’t let him get it out.  I’m yelling, “What is it?” while trying to get Sarah’s nasty poop removed without irritating her backside, and he replies he doesn’t know.  So I take the aforementioned half naked baby upstairs thinking “Well, I guess this gives her some time to air dry her bottom, as was suggested to heal her diaper rash,” and got up the stairs as fast as I could – which isn’t very fast.  I proceeded to pull a rock out of Maggie’s mouth while yelling at my kids about how they could let this happen, and realizing that I had hit the limit of the craziness I could take.

I managed to feed everyone and get them down for naps, only an hour or so behind schedule.  I apologized for losing it on them and they graciously forgave me.  And I started to think about what a hard morning it had been and what a bad mom I was; but I started to realize something.  My kids are crazy, but they’re not often that crazy all at the same time.  Someone stirred up the perfect storm at my house today to make me feel like I can’t handle my own children and I’m ruining them for life.  I know this is controversial to say, but I believe that Satan was trying to get in my head today, and I refuse to let him do that.  I heard a song today by Switchfoot and the chorus says “The shadow proves the sunshine.”  I felt like I was in the shadows today, but that song reminded me that there are no shadows without light.  We can’t stay in the shadows, we have to look to the light.  I will not be beaten down by how my day looked on the surface; I will let it be a reminder that when things seem hard I need only to look to the Light and ask for help.  It gives me hope for tomorrow and all the craziness it will surely bring!


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