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My favorite movie quote…

on March 10, 2014

I’ve been feeling like I don’t have time to write anymore and I was trying to pinpoint why.  Five kids was my first answer, but then it occurred to me that I am writing, I’m just not writing here.  I’ve been writing for my MOPS Newsletter, and since most of my material comes from my kids and most of my blog readers aren’t getting the MOPS Newsletter, I thought I’d share these stories with you.  Here’s one about my favorite oldest daughter:

My favorite part of “Father of the Bride” is when Steve Martin is explaining to his future son-in-law why his daughter, Annie, had called off the wedding over the gift of a blender.  He starts his explanation with, “Annie comes from a long line of major over reactors.”  I love that line so much because I know that someday I will start a conversation with my future son-in-law that way.  Katie can definitely overreact, but she comes by it honestly, I can too.  I remember when I was growing up I would get so worked up about something and as I was trying to explain what was bothering me to my Mom she would get exasperated because she couldn’t understand what I was saying.  I believe they call it blubbering.  I never understood her frustration until I experienced it with my own kids; when I’ve had to ask them to take a deep breath before they try to talk so I can understand them.  I just need them to calm down, so I can actually help them.  And I can’t help but wonder if that’s why God put verses like, “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10) in the Bible.  He understands that there are times when we get upset and worked up and start to blubber, and that’s ok with Him, but He can’t really help us until we calm down and remember that He is God.  He’s in charge and we can trust Him.  It makes me want to be less of an over reactor, although the rest of the movie quote does say, “Annie is a very passionate person and passionate people tend to overreact at times.”  Passionate sounds so much better, doesn’t it?!


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