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on March 25, 2014

As a mother I feel like half of my conversations with my children involve warnings of some sort.  You know the kind, “If you sit that close to the tv you’ll go blind,” “Don’t put your hand in your brother’s pee,” “Don’t ride your bike down the slide,” etc., etc.  Many of these warnings are similar to the ones my mother gave me, and while my sister’s face has yet to freeze that way, most of the warnings were pretty spot on.  I was looking through old pictures and would like to share two of my warnings that were actually valid.  Thus proving that mom’s are not just out to ruin their children’s fun, they are, in fact, trying to save them from harm. 

Exhibit A:  I recommended that the children stop jumping from bed to bed before someone got hurt.  This little someone got hurt:


Exhibit B:  I was literally saying, “Stop leaning on the gate, you’re going to break it” when there was a loud “pop” and the children came tumbling down the last couple stairs, pulling the gate with them.



With proof like this maybe next time they’ll take my warnings seriously… hey, stop laughing!






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