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Why I was driving around with a bag of pee in my van.

on March 27, 2014

This morning we had a bug guy come and spray the house.  I bought the Groupon for it when we kept seeing spiders, and forgot to actually use it until a couple days before it expires, that’s how we roll.  Anyway, when I made my (last minute) appointment I told the scheduler to warn the fellow that was coming that there would be four kids here that day.  He assured me that the spray was safe for kids but we might not want them to follow the guy around or touch anyplace that he sprayed until it was dry.  Knowing that my children would certainly follow him around and I wouldn’t put it past them to lick the baseboards before they were dry I decided to load up the mini van and do car errands.  I often do car errands when we desperately need to get out of the house, but I have less than zero energy to load and unload all of the children even once, let alone take them into a store where I have to keep an eye on them and hope they behave.  I only had one child who is potty trained-ish with me and she had gone potty before we left.  Everyone else was relaxing in diapers and I had no real timetable to worry about, or so I thought.  Even though it had been less than an hour, Katie HAD TO GO POTTY!!  I ordinarily would have encouraged her to work on her “holding it” skills, but since she had pooped in her pants only YESTERDAY, I decided I would treat it as an emergency.  However, as I previously mentioned, I did not feel motivated to unload everyone so Katie could pee, which is why we have a potty seat in the car.  The kind that stands up by itself but you do your business into a plastic bag.  I got it all situated in the van so Katie had some privacy, and she did a very accurate job and when I was tying off the bag and noticed a growing puddle on the van floor I realized it had a hole in it.  Sweet.  So I yanked it out of the van and set it in the parking lot searching in vain for a trash can, while it leaked onto the asphalt.  I so didn’t want to put that leaky bag in my van until I got home to throw it away, but I didn’t feel right about littering.  (In retrospect I realized, as you have already realized I’m sure, that it was just pee, I could have totally dumped it in the parking lot and only had the damp bag to deal with.  Oh well, hindsight is 20/20, right?)  Luckily I realized I had another bag (without holes) and double bagged it.  Then safely stashed it on the floor of the passenger seat until I could dispose of it when it was safe to return home.  Just another weird story I would have never believed would be a part of my life before I became a mom.  I know you have some too!! Feel free to share 🙂

The infamous bag of pee

The infamous bag of pee


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