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Sleep Writing

on April 3, 2014

I have always talked in my sleep.  My sister and I have actually had conversations with each other while we were both asleep.  I was a sleep walker when I was younger, which totally freaked out babysitters, and I think it’s because I have really vivid dreams.  Since I’ve gotten older I haven’t done as much sleep walking, but I still have conversations with Brandon from time to time that I definitely sleep through.  But last night was a first.  I wrote myself a note while I was asleep.  Actually, I was even more tech savvy then that, I pulled out my phone, managed to open the “Notes” app, and typed this out:

Sleep Writing

I vaguely remember doing it.  Mostly because I, obviously, kept misspelling that first word and it was annoying me.  I kind of recall thinking that I would be able to figure it out when I read it later so I could just go back to sleep.  My guess is I was trying to type “Need help!” which really makes me wonder what I was dreaming about last night…  Maybe these dreams are why I never feel rested; because feeling tired all the time probably has nothing to do with the five munchkins in my house!


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