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The Mom My Friends Think I Am

on June 23, 2015

You know how sometimes, when you have play dates and your kids are going INSANE – literally dancing on your table or chasing each other around with a garden hose – and your gut reaction is to flare your nostrils and start screaming at them to JUST ACT LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE, but then you remember there are other adults in your presence so you calmly ask them to make better choices instead?  And then, said adults in your presence get a false impression that you’re really a calm, mellow mom and you start to feel guilty?  Like you’re intentionally giving them a false impression of yourself, when really, you just don’t want everyone to see how crazy you can be?

I do.  And to be perfectly honest, I love that calm, mellow mom, I wish I could be her all the time.  I wish with my whole heart that I could always be the mom my friends think I am.  But for some reason, perhaps because I’m human and my kids are professionals at pushing my buttons, I’m not always that mom.  I have literally cried over spilled milk.  And yell-lectured about regular kid stuff that I should have just let go.  I apologize to my kids often.

But sometimes – I let that calm, mellow mom come out.  And she let’s my kids have dance parties, and play in the sprinklers, and help make cookies and laugh too loud.  She takes time to look into their little eyes and giggle at nonsensical jokes and really listen to what her kids are saying.  She isn’t here all the time, but I’m trying to let her be here more often.  Because honestly, I think she just might be the truest mom.  The mom my friends think I am.


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