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Holding Hands

on August 1, 2017

My family has had a few more medical “situations” lately than I like.  Mostly minor stuff; follow-up appointments, ongoing therapy, vision checks.  A couple were more major – asthma attacks and proving Mom is right when she says, “Don’t run with sharp objects!”  A few weeks ago I took Sarah to her follow-up appointment with the asthma doctor after a delightful minor asthma attack that led to a fun four hour afternoon of nebulizer treatments in the observation room at the doctor’s office.  As we were walking back to the van after finalizing our new asthma plan, Sarah decided, as many 4-year-olds do, that she wanted to walk across the parking lot backwards.  Since her balance is about as good as mine, she was wise enough to grab a hold of my hand and say, “I’m holding your hand so I know where I’m going.”

Holding my hand was enough.  She didn’t feel like she had to look behind her to keep an eye out for any obstacles because she trusts me.  She knows that I love her and I don’t want any harm to come to her, so I’ll take care of her.  I’ll steer her away from harm and keep her safe.  And if we come across any difficulties we’ll get through them together.  She didn’t feel confident walking backwards because she could see where she was going; she felt confident walking backwards because she knew I could see where we were going.  And she trusts me completely.

Oh, that I would remember to have that kind of trust and blind faith in God.  To not worry about the future that I can’t see because I know I can completely trust the One who can see it; and is faithfully guiding me.  The One who sees the big picture and knows how each step brings me down the right path.  The path that is part of the journey God has planned for me.  And trusting that even if there are obstacles in the path, and there will be, that I don’t have to face them alone.  Knowing that instead I can hold tight to Jesus’s hand and say with confidence, “I’m holding your hand so I know where I’m going,”

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight,”  Proverbs 3:5-6

Sarah Holding Hands


2 responses to “Holding Hands

  1. Maria (Tate) Kaufman says:

    Thanks for sharing! What a great picture you painted for all of us about faith! As a teacher, it surely does my heart good to be around children. They can teach us so much!!

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