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Carrying Each Other

on November 11, 2017

Carry Each Others Burdens

A few weeks ago I got a message from a friend telling me that they couldn’t find her baby’s heartbeat and would have to do a C-section within the next two hours.  I received that message WHILE I was making making dinner for one of 3 of my friends who was recently diagnosed with cancer.  And to say that I was devastated is an understatement.  My heart has been heavy lately with the hard things my friends are walking through; and maybe even more so because of my inability to be able to do anything to take away their burdens.

However, God has been showing me that even though I may not be able to cure a friend’s cancer or fill the hole that a missing child has left, He has designed something that I can do.  Surround those who hurting with support.

I love the story in Exodus 17:8-13 when the Israelites were fighting the Amalekites.  Moses stood on a hill above the battle and as long as he held up his arms, the Israelites were winning, but when he put them down the Amalekites started to win.  As you can imagine, Moses became tired and couldn’t hold his arms up any longer.  So Aaron and Hur brought him a stone to sit on and they held up his arms.  In doing so the Israelites won that battle.  They were all in a fierce battle that day; a battle where Moses had a starring role.  But he couldn’t do it alone.  Aaron and Hur didn’t run for reinforcements or dive into the battle to win it themselves.  They saw that Moses needed help and they jumped in to help him where he was at.  They didn’t do anything particularly heroic, they were armrests for heaven’s sake, but their willingness to jump in and help took the burden off of Moses and led to victory.  So maybe making a meal for a friend who’s hurting or sending a funny card is our way of holding up their arms until God grants them victory.

Or maybe, like the friends in Luke 5:17-26, we know the power of bringing a friend to the One who can heal.  Those men knew that Jesus was the only one who could heal their paralyzed friend, and when they couldn’t fit through the door to see Jesus because of the crowds, they cut a hole in the roof of that house and lowered him down to be healed.  And Jesus healed him!  Those men knew that there was nothing left for them to do to help him but to take his needs before the Lord.  We too can take the needs of our hurting friends before the only One who can truly heal them and miracles will happen.

I will always wish that I could do more for my friends as they walk hard roads, but I pray that we can all be encouraged that God can use us in all sorts of ways to hold up their arms and carry them to Jesus.



4 responses to “Carrying Each Other

  1. Leeann says:

    I love this. Better than The Daily Bread 🙂

  2. Sue W says:

    You have such a way of speaking to my heart! Love this.

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