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on December 23, 2017

When my kids were little they would often get stuck in the play structures at fast food restaurants.  Not stuck like, “Someone get some butter!” – but stuck like they had made it to the top and couldn’t figure out how to get back down.  And no matter how precisely I would explain to them from the bottom how to get back down, they couldn’t figure it out.  Not unless I, or as the bigger kids got older, James or Katie, actually climbed up in the play structure, took their hand, and led them back down.  My instructions from afar, although accurate, weren’t enough – they needed me to show them what I was trying to tell them.

As Christmas is upon us, I can’t help but thinking that maybe that’s why God sent us Jesus.  He had painstakingly and lovingly told us how to live our lives here on earth, but it wasn’t working.  He had sent us His Word and spoken to us through His prophets, but it wasn’t enough for us.  We needed more, someone to take us by our hand and lead us.  And so He sent us Jesus.  Someone to walk this road with us, someone who knew what we were going through because He was going through it too.  Someone to lovingly show us the way.

I’m so glad that God didn’t give up on us when we were too stubborn and blinded by fear and confusion to hear and understand His Word.  But rather He looked at us, His children, and realized that He loved us so much He would find another way.  He sent Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us, to show us the way that cold night in a stable so long ago.  And I, for one, will be forever grateful.

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